Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox sounds Vol. 7 … 7 and 7 is !!!


Wow 7 is the magic number!! 7 & 7 is…. It’s time for our seventh Jukebox sound on this rainy day! We are thrilled to start our broadcast with our new Swedish/Assyrian label mate Prince Of Assyria, who signed to the mighty Soliti earlier this week and will release his second album early next year. Prince of Assyria’s first album is a classic for us and that is why we start with the beautiful Whatever You Want from the debut album

Next up is another beautiful classic for you! Teenage FC’s Gerald Loves solo project Lightships and the amazingly sweet hit from his solo debut.

Then time for some Ramones action with our German friends Pop Tarts from 1997. Oh/Oh!! Let’s all go to 90’s East Berlin!

And finally our Australian gods the Hard-Ons with their 1990 hit Where Did She Come From! Gibson SG style! Nobody is better than the Hard-Ons! Oh by the way I’m member #362 in the Hard-Ons Official Fan Club or was it Fun Club. Anyway full speed ahead!

And here we go again Ei ole helppoo…

Gim Kordon 7″ Jukeboxxx sounds part 6


Welcome to our sixth Jukebox broadcast! This time we play you some power pop / riot girrrl stuff and then some more acoustic indie classics…

We start with a nice power poppy hit from 1992 by The Sneetches. This makes you feel good, we promise!

Then a classic riot grrrl anthem I Like Fucking by the one and only Bikini Kill, true heroes and legends! p.s. FREE PUSSY RIOT!

Here we have a masterpiece from the Lemonheads’ 1993 classic Come On Feel The Lemonheads album.

And finally the late genius Elliott Smith and the last thing he released before his sad death in 2003, my god it’s 10 years this month! Rest In Peace Eliiott, we love you still! Still remember when this came out, his star was going down sadly, oh man makes you sad! Remember to give love to people always and never let go!

Well cheer up the, it’s maybe not easy – but we just do not care. Here’s our Ei ole helppoo.. See you laters!

Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox # 5


Welcome again to our 7″ jukebox broadcast! It’s our fifth jukebox post and there’s still plenty of more to come!

We start with Teenage Fanclub’s big hit from 1995 Mellow Doubt from their legendary Grand Prix album, still the best pop album of 90’s! It’s the second time we hear the Fannies here, but it will not be the last one! Someday I tell you the first time I saw the fannies back in 95 and maybe how Norman and Raymond signed this.

Next up is lovely Fuzzy and their 1994 “hit” Flashlight. Dave Ryan used to play in Lemonheads too btw..

Then some newer sounds, Warpaint with their lovely hit!

And this Laura from Girls, one more pop gem from the recent years, this live version is even better than the one on 7″

And here’s our Ei ole Helppoo for you too

Gim Kordon 7″ Jukebox Vol. 4


Welcome to this week’s second 7″ Jukebox podcast! Today we got some punky and power poppy sounds from the 90’s and one from the late 80’s.

We start with nice power pop gem from Permanent Green Light from 1992. Still sounds great! We could just die.

Then now one of our punky favorites The Parasites with their Ramonesque / Descendesque hit Die Trying

Here’s a hit from 1989! Hoodoo Gurus from Australia and the Massive Come anytime

And the last one is a Finnish classic from 1993. Levy-yhtiö 1993 ep, but the Karkkiautomaatti track we wanted to play to you is only on Spotify and we do not use Spotify here so we gwill play this for you when we have our 7″ dj show someday! Here’s Hei Johanna from Karkkiautomaatti from their Rakkaudella EP 1993

And hey here’s the tune from us



Kim Gordon 7″ Jukebox vol. 3


Gim Kordon’s jukebox opens the third time with some classic and lost sounds from our favourite artists! Sorry about my bad English, we are Finnish and sing in Finnish. Dunno why I write this is English, but here you go enjoy!

We start todays soundtrack with T.V. Sound from Australian power pop group DM3. DM3 was Dom Mariani’s band in 90’s and Dom Mariani is one of the biggest gurus in the whole power pop scene for us. Learn your power pop!

Next up is Apulanta with Sellainen tyttö (aah…) from TV:stä tuttu EP (1994). T.V. Sounds here too. We lost it with “Apis” later, but still remember these early classic pop tunes from this Finnish monster.

Then some acoustic sounds from our Glasgowian gods The Fannies! Don’t Look Back is a masterpiece anyway you play it! Don’t you just love these guys! This one is from 1995.

And the last track from todays Jukebox comes from Shirk Circus. I remember hearing this track from Räkärodeo radio program back in 1994. It stuck in my head, but I never catched the name of the band. So this song was in my head for a year or so, then one day I went to Fennica Records to buy some 7’s and bought this one, because of the stupid looking cover. When I got home and played the ep on my vinyl player I was blown away! The track that was in my head for a year was suddently playing in my stereo, and this small mystery was solved. True story, life is good!
Sad thing that the singer of Shirk Circus Josh Silverman passed away in 2011.

And finally some Gim Kordon sounds! If you like us, feel free to shear the video we did.

Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox vol. 2

jukebox 2

Some great sounds for you from our mighty 7″ jukebox! Today we play you some classics with shredded guitar, twisted minds and a bit of funky blues sounds too, ENJOY!

We start with a mega classic from Hüsker Dü’s legendary Flip Your Wig album, it was released 1985 and is one of those songs that should be teached in every school around the globe.

Next up is the New York’s finest Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! Bellbottoms is from 1994’s classic Orange album. I remember the day I bought it back then, blew my mind, changed my world a lot, this is bigger than life!

Here’s an Australian hit from 1985, Eastern Dark is a big favourite and influence to us. Here’s the b-side of Johnny and Dee Dee 7″ . Julie is a Junkie!

Last one is Supermodel with Haircut.  Supermodel was a band with our label boss Nick Triani (Soliti)! The legendary Supermodel released some great stuff on Fire Records in the 90’s. We just couldn’t find this track anywhere in the world of internet, so maybe you all should come to our jukebox night in Helsinki someday… Here’s another classic from Supermodel called Penis Size and Cars (great title, yes!…hmmm..) Well we need to ask Triani if he has the Haircut tune somewhere digitally, so we can have it here too, it’s nice to to google “supermodel haircut” by the way…

This one does not open in Finland, hope you can see this:

Oh but here’s Sofie Ellis-Bextor covering the penis songsinging with her first band theaudience

Thanks for listening! Here’s a free download for you if you have missed our hit..