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Gim Kordon’s 7 Inch Jukebox Series Part. 11


Finally the 11th Jukebox show is here! We have some Ramone gems + some of rock to get your ass shaking for the weekend. Hold on and enjoy!

The first one is a beautiful cover version of I Got You Bebe. Holly & Joey it’s all yours!

Next up is a tribute hit for Joey Ramone by the legendary Helen Love, so gooood this one!

Now that we got you started, dig this! Our favourite Seattle band Mudhoney tells a story about Generation Spokesmodel

Then a DFA produced masterpiece from The Rapture’s legendary debut album! Whatever happened to them after this, well never mind. The first album is a classic and makes you wanna dance

And yeah, you getting bored to this?? Mabe next week we have some new video stuff to give out for you beibe…. But until then enjoy a little bit of Gim Kordon


Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox # 10

jukebox 10

It’s our 10th blog in our popular 7’s Jukebox -series! Today we play you some classic stuff and two mindblowing covers!

We start with the mighty Posies, our big big favourite! All of us were at Tavastia Club back in 1995 when the band first visited Finland and still are huge fans! This one’s from 1993 and still sound better than life..

Next up is  teenage indie wonder’s Noise Addict from Australia, with young Ben Lee singin about Evan Dando. I Wish I Was Him is such a feel good classic, no wonder Mike D signed them t Grand Royal and Kathleen Hanna covered the track later,

Now a cover to kill for! Royal Trux doing Money For Nothing by the Dire Straits! Actually the first time I met Soliti label boss mr. Triani was at SXSW in the late 90’s and I think we both were at Royal Trux gig there, that was the first time I heard them playing the cover, thank god they relased the track as a b-side on Liar 7″ later. Are you ready??

Last one is a split cover ep from Chemical People & Big Drill Car from 1991. Chemical People covering Kiss and Big Drill Car doing Cheap Trick. I guess Gene Simmons has taken the Chemical People’s Getaway version from YouTube, so here’s the great Surrender for you.. If you find the Chemical People version somewhere from the web, please tell us. Otherwise you just need to come to our Jukebox nite later…

And finally our very own Ei ole Helppoo for you, we are thrilled that Finnish national radio has played it a few times and lotsa blogs been giving us great support! Feel free to share it and download it free from Soliti’s Soundcloud!

Gim Kordon & The Heartburns live Spine Awards 2.11.2013


Gim Kordonin eka keikka vuonna 2013 Adamsissa la 2.11.

Tervetuloa koko sakki!

Tässä tapahtuman virallinen info:

Spine Awards 2013 // La 2.11 // Adams, Helsinki // 21-04 // 10/12€ // K20

Kautta rantain ovat omien alojensa merkittävimmät tekijät palkittu äärettömän juhlallisissa kissanristiäisissä. Myös lumilautailun saralla on toinen toistaan himmeämpiä pokaaleita nähty ja kadotettu. Me tahdomme jatkaa tätä lupaavasti alkanutta perinnettä. Vaihdoimme tosin telkkarista tutun “Gaala”-termin pois.

Tarkoituksenamme ei ole palkita yhteiskunnallisesti valveutuneita web-yhteisöjä, eikä kaupungin suurimpia hinkkejä. Myöskään eriskummallisen suurista hauiksista ei saa pystiä kaappiin. Sen sijaan palkitsemme muutamia lumilautailijoita, ja alan ympärillä työskenteleviä ihmisiä.

Ja jukupliuta, onhan meillä myös musiikkia!

Illan live-muusikot:

The Heartburns
Lempeitä lauluja rakkaudesta illan ensimmäisille slovareille, eli hitaille.

Jos et tunne yhtyettä, lue lisää esimerkiksi Nuorgamista:
Gim Kordon
Outoa ja tunteikasta kitaroiden sävyttämää kurkkulaulantaa senioreille… Eikä ole!

Gim Kordon on Radio Helsingistäkin tutun Aleksi Pahkalan luotsaama trio, joka veivaa menevää ja koskettavaa musiikkia indie-otteella!

Katso kappaleen “Ei oo helppoo” VHS-henkinen musiikkivideo täältä:
Tiskijukat, eli levyseppätaiteilijat:

Sounds Like Kotibileet DJ’s
Aurinkoa masentavaan marraskuuhun! Bailutakuu.

Kuuntele itse!

Ennakkoon Burton Store Helsingistä 28.10-01.11 jonka jälkeen loput myydään expoilla Spine Magazinen tiskiltä: 10 €
Ovelta: 12 €
Ikäraja: K20

Kuten odottaa saattaa, suosittelemme lippujen lunastusta etukäteen. Ne myydään loppuun aika nopeasti.




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Gim Kordon -Jukeboksi osa 9


Happy tuesday everybody, hah, fuck it! Let’s listen to some good music, it’s time for our ninth chapter in our jukebox series. This time we play you some butt shaking twist and indie hipster shit, that we love so much.

We start the day with a small French band called Darlin’ from 1993’s 2×7″ compilation Shimmies In Super 8. After Darlin’ Laurent started to play guitar in a band called Phoenix and the other two guys started a band called a band called Daft Punk, but in 1993 they sounded this great.

Here’s the legendary garage rockers Dead Moon with their hit It’s O.K. . It’s almost as Ei ole helppoo. I love you anyway, you know, ei jaksa välittää. These guys are amazing!

Now get your ass shaking babe! It’s time to learn how to walk like Jane Mansfield.  It’s Japan’s best band ever the 5,6,7,8’s!!

Finally we have a classic from Manchester’s finest Badly Drawn Boy! Something to Talk About from About a Boy soundtrack

Something for everyone this time, and yes we never forget to share our very own Ei ole helppoo


Gim Kordon’s 7 Inch Jukebox numero 8



Good sunday everybody! It’s time for our eight Jukebox soundtrack! This ain’t no sunday chill stuff today, we need more snotty shredding and a bit of garage poppin’ and nuggets rockin’ sounds today! It’s the first time we have Sonic Youth in the series, but not the first time we have The Lemonheads here… Enjoy!

We start with one of our favourite SY tracks ever, Kool Thing! With a riff to kill for and vocals by none other than Kim Gordon herself and of course Public Enemy’s Chuck D, who’s also a God. This one’s from 1990.

Next up is a b-side from power/garage pop cult stars The Grip Weeds from their 1993 ep on legendary German Tang! label. Don’t you just love it!

Third one is an early Lemonheads gem from 1987. Hate Your Friends reminds us that the Lemonheads have their roots deeply in the punk stuff, the kinda roots we love too. Anyone heard what’s going on with the new Lemonheads stuff? Ben Deily is back with Dando so it should be very interesting….

And the last one is a classic nuggets tune Trouble by Rocket From The Crypt, originally by the legendary Music Machine. The original is a classic, but so is this one from the mid 90’s too. Symphaty For The Record Industry was a genius label back then!

Thanks for tuning in! And here you go again, our Ei ole helppoo. Feel free to share it!