Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox No: 13


Welcome back to our 7″ Jukebox Series! It’s been a while since our RIP Lou Reed special, we promise to be more active again šŸ™‚

We start with LCD Soundsytem covering Joy Division’s No Love Lost from the great LCD Soundsystem / Arcade Fire split 7″. You know Reflektor is not the first time Arcade Fire and James Murphy did something together..

Next up is Nick Lowe’s mega classic Cruel To Be Kind from 1979. Simply a perfect pop tune!

Then our friends from East-Berlin Stereo Total with their party hit Holiday Innn! Makes you wanna dance we promise!

Time for some garage punk action. Billy Childish’s legendary Thee Headcoats plays their hit single from 1990. Here you go!

Thanks for listening to some of our favourite tunes, here’s our Ei ole helppoo hit for you as a free download from Soundcloud + the video filmed on VHS! Feel free to share it with your friends if you like! We’re gonna give out a new rougher song later this month stay tuned…

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