Gim Kordon’s 7 Inch Jukebox Series Part. 11


Finally the 11th Jukebox show is here! We have some Ramone gems + some of rock to get your ass shaking for the weekend. Hold on and enjoy!

The first one is a beautiful cover version of I Got You Bebe. Holly & Joey it’s all yours!

Next up is a tribute hit for Joey Ramone by the legendary Helen Love, so gooood this one!

Now that we got you started, dig this! Our favourite Seattle band Mudhoney tells a story about Generation Spokesmodel

Then a DFA produced masterpiece from The Rapture’s legendary debut album! Whatever happened to them after this, well never mind. The first album is a classic and makes you wanna dance

And yeah, you getting bored to this?? Mabe next week we have some new video stuff to give out for you beibe…. But until then enjoy a little bit of Gim Kordon


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