Gim Kordon -Jukeboksi osa 9


Happy tuesday everybody, hah, fuck it! Let’s listen to some good music, it’s time for our ninth chapter in our jukebox series. This time we play you some butt shaking twist and indie hipster shit, that we love so much.

We start the day with a small French band called Darlin’ from 1993’s 2×7″ compilation Shimmies In Super 8. After Darlin’ Laurent started to play guitar in a band called Phoenix and the other two guys started a band called a band called Daft Punk, but in 1993 they sounded this great.

Here’s the legendary garage rockers Dead Moon with their hit It’s O.K. . It’s almost as Ei ole helppoo. I love you anyway, you know, ei jaksa välittää. These guys are amazing!

Now get your ass shaking babe! It’s time to learn how to walk like Jane Mansfield.  It’s Japan’s best band ever the 5,6,7,8’s!!

Finally we have a classic from Manchester’s finest Badly Drawn Boy! Something to Talk About from About a Boy soundtrack

Something for everyone this time, and yes we never forget to share our very own Ei ole helppoo


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