Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox sounds Vol. 7 … 7 and 7 is !!!


Wow 7 is the magic number!! 7 & 7 is…. It’s time for our seventh Jukebox sound on this rainy day! We are thrilled to start our broadcast with our new Swedish/Assyrian label mate Prince Of Assyria, who signed to the mighty Soliti earlier this week and will release his second album early next year. Prince of Assyria’s first album is a classic for us and that is why we start with the beautiful Whatever You Want from the debut album

Next up is another beautiful classic for you! Teenage FC’s Gerald Loves solo project Lightships and the amazingly sweet hit from his solo debut.

Then time for some Ramones action with our German friends Pop Tarts from 1997. Oh/Oh!! Let’s all go to 90’s East Berlin!

And finally our Australian gods the Hard-Ons with their 1990 hit Where Did She Come From! Gibson SG style! Nobody is better than the Hard-Ons! Oh by the way I’m member #362 in the Hard-Ons Official Fan Club or was it Fun Club. Anyway full speed ahead!

And here we go again Ei ole helppoo…

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