Gim Kordon 7″ Jukeboxxx sounds part 6


Welcome to our sixth Jukebox broadcast! This time we play you some power pop / riot girrrl stuff and then some more acoustic indie classics…

We start with a nice power poppy hit from 1992 by The Sneetches. This makes you feel good, we promise!

Then a classic riot grrrl anthem I Like Fucking by the one and only Bikini Kill, true heroes and legends! p.s. FREE PUSSY RIOT!

Here we have a masterpiece from the Lemonheads’ 1993 classic Come On Feel The Lemonheads album.

And finally the late genius Elliott Smith and the last thing he released before his sad death in 2003, my god it’s 10 years this month! Rest In Peace Eliiott, we love you still! Still remember when this came out, his star was going down sadly, oh man makes you sad! Remember to give love to people always and never let go!

Well cheer up the, it’s maybe not easy – but we just do not care. Here’s our Ei ole helppoo.. See you laters!

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