Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox # 5


Welcome again to our 7″ jukebox broadcast! It’s our fifth jukebox post and there’s still plenty of more to come!

We start with Teenage Fanclub’s big hit from 1995 Mellow Doubt from their legendary Grand Prix album, still the best pop album of 90’s! It’s the second time we hear the Fannies here, but it will not be the last one! Someday I tell you the first time I saw the fannies back in 95 and maybe how Norman and Raymond signed this.

Next up is lovely Fuzzy and their 1994 “hit” Flashlight. Dave Ryan used to play in Lemonheads too btw..

Then some newer sounds, Warpaint with their lovely hit!

And this Laura from Girls, one more pop gem from the recent years, this live version is even better than the one on 7″

And here’s our Ei ole Helppoo for you too

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