Gim Kordon 7″ Jukebox Vol. 4


Welcome to this week’s second 7″ Jukebox podcast! Today we got some punky and power poppy sounds from the 90’s and one from the late 80’s.

We start with nice power pop gem from Permanent Green Light from 1992. Still sounds great! We could just die.

Then now one of our punky favorites The Parasites with their Ramonesque / Descendesque hit Die Trying

Here’s a hit from 1989! Hoodoo Gurus from Australia and the Massive Come anytime

And the last one is a Finnish classic from 1993. Levy-yhtiö 1993 ep, but the Karkkiautomaatti track we wanted to play to you is only on Spotify and we do not use Spotify here so we gwill play this for you when we have our 7″ dj show someday! Here’s Hei Johanna from Karkkiautomaatti from their Rakkaudella EP 1993

And hey here’s the tune from us



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