Kim Gordon 7″ Jukebox vol. 3


Gim Kordon’s jukebox opens the third time with some classic and lost sounds from our favourite artists! Sorry about my bad English, we are Finnish and sing in Finnish. Dunno why I write this is English, but here you go enjoy!

We start todays soundtrack with T.V. Sound from Australian power pop group DM3. DM3 was Dom Mariani’s band in 90’s and Dom Mariani is one of the biggest gurus in the whole power pop scene for us. Learn your power pop!

Next up is Apulanta with Sellainen tyttö (aah…) from TV:stä tuttu EP (1994). T.V. Sounds here too. We lost it with “Apis” later, but still remember these early classic pop tunes from this Finnish monster.

Then some acoustic sounds from our Glasgowian gods The Fannies! Don’t Look Back is a masterpiece anyway you play it! Don’t you just love these guys! This one is from 1995.

And the last track from todays Jukebox comes from Shirk Circus. I remember hearing this track from Räkärodeo radio program back in 1994. It stuck in my head, but I never catched the name of the band. So this song was in my head for a year or so, then one day I went to Fennica Records to buy some 7’s and bought this one, because of the stupid looking cover. When I got home and played the ep on my vinyl player I was blown away! The track that was in my head for a year was suddently playing in my stereo, and this small mystery was solved. True story, life is good!
Sad thing that the singer of Shirk Circus Josh Silverman passed away in 2011.

And finally some Gim Kordon sounds! If you like us, feel free to shear the video we did.

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