Ei ole helppoo the VHS video is here!

Directed, filmed, edited by Teemu Keisteri on VHS, babe!

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Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox vol. 2

jukebox 2

Some great sounds for you from our mighty 7″ jukebox! Today we play you some classics with shredded guitar, twisted minds and a bit of funky blues sounds too, ENJOY!

We start with a mega classic from Hüsker Dü’s legendary Flip Your Wig album, it was released 1985 and is one of those songs that should be teached in every school around the globe.

Next up is the New York’s finest Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! Bellbottoms is from 1994’s classic Orange album. I remember the day I bought it back then, blew my mind, changed my world a lot, this is bigger than life!

Here’s an Australian hit from 1985, Eastern Dark is a big favourite and influence to us. Here’s the b-side of Johnny and Dee Dee 7″ . Julie is a Junkie!

Last one is Supermodel with Haircut.  Supermodel was a band with our label boss Nick Triani (Soliti)! The legendary Supermodel released some great stuff on Fire Records in the 90’s. We just couldn’t find this track anywhere in the world of internet, so maybe you all should come to our jukebox night in Helsinki someday… Here’s another classic from Supermodel called Penis Size and Cars (great title, yes!…hmmm..) Well we need to ask Triani if he has the Haircut tune somewhere digitally, so we can have it here too, it’s nice to to google “supermodel haircut” by the way…

This one does not open in Finland, hope you can see this:

Oh but here’s Sofie Ellis-Bextor covering the penis songsinging with her first band theaudience

Thanks for listening! Here’s a free download for you if you have missed our hit..

Gim Kordon’s 7″ Jukebox sounds for today


Gim Kordonin 7″ boxista soundtrack päivään / Here’s a soundtrack for your day from the Gim Gordon 7″ jukebox

Let’s start with a classic Dinosaur Jr track from the mighty Where You Been album (1993)

Here’s a nice gem from spinART records from the same year 1993.  All About Chad’s catchy and poppy indie anthem for the Räkärodeo generation

Then we have Australia’s finest indie pop for you! Nic Dalton’s Godstar, Nic used to play bass in Lemonheads too and he runs our favourite Half a Cow Records too. B-side has Nic’s version of his song Kitchen he did for It’s a Shame About Ray. This is from 1992.

Then another Nic Dalton classics from 1993 and now with some Ramones/Eastern Dark twist. Sneeze was Dalton’s and Smudge’s Tom Morgans “super group” and this double 7″ has 41 Songs In 47 Minutes 🙂 … Lotsa friends involved in this greatness like Evan Dando from The Lemonheads and Bill Gibson from Eastern Dark etc. Rip yr jeans now!

And finally something from this century. Arcade Fire Intervention from Neon Bible album.

Hope you enjoyed!

Here’s a free mp3 for you too 🙂